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Tarantulas are the largest of spiders. The Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula of South America has an 11 inch leg span and is known to eat foot-long pit vipers and boa constrictors. Scientists theorize that this may be why many terrestrial, daytime active snakes take to the trees to sleep at night.



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Tracie Stice

Tracie Stice

Biologist Tracie Stice, also known as "The Bug Lady,"  has been  exploring the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula for nearly thirty years.  After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Biology, with an emphasis in Entomology, Tracie moved to Drake Bay to pursue her passion for tropical insects and spiders. 

In 1997 she created The Night Tour, which quickly became one of the most popular tours in Drake Bay.  The Night Tour has been hailed by Lonely Planet, Frommers, and Foders as one of the most fascinating excursions in Drake Bay.  Tracie has been featured in numerous books, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as television.   

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Gianfranco Gómez

Costa Rican naturalist  guide Gianfranco Gómez  has traveled the globe, living and working in many countries.   Prior to relocating to Drake Bay in late 2002, Gian guided adventure tours in the rainforest canopy of Rincon de La Vieja.  Gian is an avid photographer, with a keen interest in tropical herpetology, as well.  

In 2003, he began working  on a photographic compilation of the  nocturnal wildlife of Drake Bay.  His photography has been included in Costa Rica Travel Guide books and other nature publications. 

Gian and Tracie were married in 2005.   Together, they continue to work on documenting  the nocturnal wildlife of Costa Rica, as well as guiding The Night Tour. 

Gian recently coauthored A Pocket Guide to the Mammals of Costa Rica which will be published in 2022 by Zona Tropical/Cornell University Press.

You can follow Gian's photo blog on Instagram at

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"...This 21/2-hour tour is one of the most fascinating excursions I've been on and I recommend it highly... her stories enthrall."

  Rob Rachowiecki   Lonely Planet Costa Rica



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