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Through the years we have had our work featured in several publications and have been invited to participate in the production of a few television and film projects.



Amazon Adventure 3D

Amazon Adventure 3D (2016)  - Amazon Adventure 3D is an IMAX film produced by SK Films. The film depicts the 11 year journey of discovery through the Amazon of 19th century British explorer Henry Walter Bates.

During this period Bates identified over 8000 species new to science and developed his theory of "Batesian Mimicry". In his theory Bates proposed that certain harmless creatures mimic toxic or venomous creatures in order to avoid predation. Bates was particularly struck by the caterpillar Hemeroplanes triptolemus, which transforms from a harmless caterpillar into the image of a Pit Viper when disturbed.

We contributed to the production in June 2015 by capturing a Hemeroplanes caterpillar in Drake Bay and transporting it to San José to be filmed by a professional film crew. After the shoot we returned the caterpillar to Drake Bay and released it on its host plant.

In July 2016 we captured another Hemeroplanes caterpillar which was filmed in Drake Bay by a professional crew, including legendary nature cinematographer Richard Kirby, to complete the footage needed for the film.

You can read more about Hemeroplanes on the "Viper Caterpillar" page of our website by clicking here.





The Dark - Nature's Nighttime World


The Dark, Episode 1 "Central American Jungles" (2012)  - The Dark: Nature's Nighttime World is a 3-part series produced by the BBC which highlights some of Central and South America's nocturnal wildlife.

Throughout the series, a team of biologists and film makers explores several Latin American locations using cutting edge technology to observe otherwise elusive nocturnal creatures.

We worked behind the scenes on the Corcovado National Park segment with presenter George McGavin, which was filmed in Sirena Station.




Naomi's Nightmares of Nature

Naomi's Nightmare's of Nature - Season 2 - Episode 3 (2014)  - A BBC production for their children's channel, CBBC, about Costa Rica's Jungle creatures.

On this episode presenter Naomi Wilkinson discovers Drake Bay's spiders with Tracie "the Bug Lady", she hunts down Poison-dart Frogs and Honduran Tent-making Bats and visits a Sloth Sanctuary.



Naomi's Nightmares of Nature

Naomi's Nightmare's of Nature - Season 2 - Episode 6 (2014)  - A BBC production for their children's channel, CBBC, about Central America's Coastal Regions.

On this episode presenter Naomi Wilkinson embarks on a search for Pelagic Sea Snakes, she shares a picnic with hoards of hungry Hermit Crabs on Caño Island, swims with sharks and sting rays, and explores the Rock Pools of Drake Bay with Gianfranco.



 J'ai Marché Sur la Terre

J'ai Marché sur la Terre au Costa Rica (2014)  - We took part in the Drake Bay segment of this travel/nature show featuring presenter Mathieu Vidard. The program aired on channel France2 in March 2015.


Wild Costa Rica 

Wild Costa Rica (2015)  - This nature documentary due to air on Animal Planet later this year features some of Costa Rica's most amazing wildlife. We collaborated with the production during the Drake Bay portion of the shoot.


Janus Asahi TV

Janus (2016)  - Three of Gian's photographs of the caterpillar Hemeroplanes triptolemus
were featured on this Japanese television program which aired in March 2016 on TV Asahi.



We have contributed photographs or articles to Time Out Costa Rica (2008), Nature's Warriors (2011), PM Magazin, Naturreiseführer Costa Rica (2012) and Ripley's Believe it or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities (2015).


The Night Tour has also been featured in several publications and guide books in including: Lonely Planet, Fodor's, Costa Rica Alive!, Costa Rica for Dummies, Frommers, The Times of London and the New York Times to name a few.


In 2017 we collaborated with Bernal Morera,  José Pablo Barquero and Julián Monge on their recent publication on the ecology of Velvet Worms. This is an inportant article given the rarity of these creatures and the lack of information on their habits. Click here for the full article.


In May 2018, with help from our friends at La Paloma Lodge, we organized a project to catalogue the arachnids of Drake Bay. This project is of significant scientific importance in terms of understanding the area's arachnid diversity as well as the possibility of identifying new species.  


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