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Some tropical mantises are known to eat frogs, lizards, mice, and even birds, as well as insects.

The sudden and powerful strike of the praying mantis takes only 50 to 70 milliseconds to complete.

Some 400 years ago, while observing a praying mantis dispatch a cicada, renowned martial artist Wang Lang was inspired to create an entirely new form of kung fu.   The  mantis style - with its refined hand and arm positions, strikes, and grabs - mimics many of the postures and movements of a hunting mantis.

In the rainforests of Costa Rica, some snakes have evolved into highly specialized predators.  Incredibly, there are snakes that eat only snails and slugs, while others that specialize on scorpions!

Chunk-headed snakes are fully adapted to life in the trees. They have a prehensile tail and an uncanny ability to cast their eyes downward. These unique adaptations aid the snake in seeking out sleeping lizards, their primary prey.

Costa Rica boasts some 1,500 species of butterfly. The spectacular Owl butterfly, with it's 13 centimeter wingspan, is among the largest in the world. They inhabit lowland forests and are mainly active at dusk and dawn.







Costa Rica is home to 207 species of amphibians

























There are more species of moth than all the mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles put together!





A Moonlight Adventure in  

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Come explore the fascinating nocturnal wildlife of the tropical rainforest with Tracie and Gian on this one of a kind adventure trek in Drake Bay, Costa Rica.


Casque-headed Mantis      


Rave Reviews for the Bug Lady...

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 

"...This 2.5 hour tour is one of the most fascinating excursions in the area and shouldn't be missed.  Tracie is a walking encyclopedia on bug facts - and not just boring scientific details.  One of her fields of research is the military use of insects..."

Carolina Miranda and Paige R Penland   Lonely Planet Costa Rica

Giant Walking Stick - Phanocles sp. 

Giant Walking Stick - Phanocles sp.            


On this two-hour trek through the rainforest, join Biologist Tracie "The Bug Lady" and spotter extraordinaire Gianfranco Gómez, as they team up to reveal the intriguing world of moonlight exploration.


Praying Mantis devouring a cicada          


We'll go in search of the critters you love to loath - from bugs to bats, to all that creeps, crawls and flies by night.


Drake Bay, Costa Rica - The  Brown Vine Snake is just one of many snakes seen on The Night Tour with Tracie the Bug Lady.




Brown Vine Snake           


And true, you're sure to see the beast with two brains on this tour.   But fear not!

The tales on this trek are sure to turn your fear and loathing to grudging admiration for some of the most remarkable - and misunderstood - creatures on the planet.


  Chunk-headed Snake

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - The Chunk-headed Snake is often seen on The Night Tour in Drake Bay.


Caligo Butterfly 

Owl Butterfly


"...This is undoubtedly the most interesting wildlife tour I've been on ...if you go to Drake Bay,  you should not miss taking a walk with The Bug Lady."

   Bruce Morris Costa Rica Alive!  Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Like all other tree frogs, masked tree frogs are mostly active during the night.

Masked Tree Frogs 

The Night Tour  with Tracie "The Bug Lady" is available at the following Drake Bay Resorts:

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - On The Night Tour with Tracie The Bug Lady, guests will enjoy many great photo opportunities.

     La Paloma Lodge 

Aguila de Osa Inn

  Drake Bay Wilderness Resort

    Cabinas Jade Mar      Cabinas Murillo

  Jinetes de Osa Inn     Mirador Lodge 

  Rancho Corcovado        Cabinas Manolo   

  Cabinas Pura Vida    Finca Maresia  

  Casita Corcovado Casa Horizontes B & B

Pirate Cove  Martina's Place

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   Leaf Katydid                


The Night Tour costs $50 per person total (taxes and boat transportation included)

The tour takes place nightly from 7:30 pm to 10:15 pm . Reservations are required.

Your safety is of upmost importance.  We will be hiking through the rainforest.  There are uneven surfaces, slopes, and in some areas both natural steps and cement stepping stones. 

If you have any health issues  (balance problems, knee issues, if you require the assistance of a walking stick, cane or crutches, or have vision problems) PLEASE let us know and we can decide if the night tour is the right option for you.  Also, if you are traveling with children, please let us know their ages. 

Advanced reservations are highly recommended.  To ensure your place on the tour , simply click the following link. 


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Rothschildia Silkmoth 

Rothschildia Silkmoth - Rothschildia triloba





Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Leaf cutter ants carry leaf segments back to their underground nests.

Mammals of the Osa Peninsula

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