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Covid-19 Safety Protocols


Safety will be a primary concern during the night tour. We are requiring our guests to adhere to our new tour safety policies, which are included below. If you agree to all of the following safety measures we can confirm your tour. Please read the following carefully:


You would enjoy a private night tour. We are only going to take out private tours for the safety of our guests and ourselves. If any member of the private group is feeling sick or has a fever, the tour would be cancelled for the entire group.

The tour costs $45.20 per person ($40 + 13% tax). Due to the pandemic, we are now only conducting private tours. To offset this service, there will be an additional $15 fee (total, not per person) to cover the boat transfer for guests lodging at Jinetes de Osa, Aguila de Osa or any of the lodges in the town of Agujitas, north of the Agujas River.


We will require each guest to wear a mask for the entire duration of the tour. Guests are required to supply their own masks. Guests without masks will not be allowed to take the tour and no refund will be given. Both guides will also wear masks for the duration of the tour.


We will maintain the CDC's recommend 6 foot distancing from the guests throughout the tour. In the event that a guest jeopardizes the safety protocols of the tour (e.g. refuses to wear a mask for any reason, refuses to abide by social distancing guidelines, etc.) the tour will be terminated for the group and no refund will be issued.


We won't have access to bathrooms along the tour route.


We will not be offering headlamps, again for the safety of our guests. EACH guest MUST bring their own flashlight or headlamp (cellphone flashlights are not adequate and sharing lights will not work). If you opt to use headlamps (instead of bringing a flashlight), we would recommend headlamp models that have a red-light option for observing the creatures. We will always walk with a white light, but the red-light option will keep insects from being attracted to your faces while we are stationary, looking at wildlife. You should also ensure you have adequate batteries for the 2.5 hour walk. If you need a recommendation on headlamp models we would be happy to help.  If you do not have access to an adequate light please let us know and we can offer you handheld lights.


Each guest should carry a small umbrella in case there is unexpected rain during the tour. This will enable each guest to keep their mask dry. Some parts of the trail are quite narrow, so sharing umbrellas will not be possible.


Cancellations must be placed the day before the scheduled tour date in order to receive a refund. Cancellations made on the date of the tour are nonrefundable.


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